Floridi Group srl - Stampa serigrafica e Digitale in Umbria | Stampa serigrafica, stampa su tessuto, stampa settore moda, serigrafia perugia
Floridi Group è specializzata in tecniche di stampa serigrafica applicabili su qualsiasi tipo di tessuto, sempre innovative grazie alla ricerca e allo sviluppo che viene effettuato all’interno dell’azienda, sia sui prodotti impiegati che sulle tecniche di applicazione.
Stampa serigrafica, stampa su tessuto, stampa settore moda, serigrafia perugia
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Screen Printing

Screen printing on fabric
is our speciality

Floridi Group specialises in screen printing techniques applicable to any type of fabric, ever-innovative thanks to the research and development we maintain within the company, both in the products used as well as in application techniques.

With screen printing on fabric, Floridi Group is particularly suited to fashion houses, stylists and footwear designers, who well know the importance of printed details on their garments to stand out and provide originality.

Screen printing

The characteristics of screen printing are high precision and printing quality, with the possibility of reproducing even small details on both fabrics and leather (natural or treated). The final result is perfect, with faithful reproduction of colours and shades.

Screen printing is used in particular for the fashion and merchandising sector. It lends itself perfectly to customising T-shirts, tops, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, tank tops and various promotional clothing. It is indelible and resistant to washing up to 90°, soft to the touch, and has bright, saturated colours, achieving good print quality on both light and dark garments.

Relief prints, glitter, crack effect, tar… from experimentation to concrete reality

Floridi Group performs special printing techniques in order to achieve surprising effects, both from an aesthetic and a tactile point of view. In addition to relief prints (with different thicknesses even in the same item), random crack effects (like the sun-cracked earth), tar effects, dust, rust, etc. are possible.

Furthermore, particularly for the fashion sector, glitter printing (direct or dusting) is particularly interesting, making it possible to obtain brilliant prints in various colours.

Constant experimentation has led the company to satisfy even the most complex and creative requests from clients.