Floridi Group srl - Stampa serigrafica e Digitale in Umbria | Stampa digitale su tessuto, stampa sublimatica su tessuto, stampa digitale abbigliamento
La Stampa digitale con innovativi macchinari perme di stampare su qualsiasi tipo di supporto senza limitazione di misure e colori;
Stampa digitale su tessuto, stampa sublimatica su tessuto, stampa digitale abbigliamento
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Digital Printing

Digital printing offers great advantages and infinite possibilities for use…

Digital printing is a great resource for both the fashion and promotional sectors. The innovative machines are used to print on any type of media without limitations in terms of size and colour; furthermore, the surfaces can be flat or curved, rough or smooth, and the prints obtained are resistant to weathering and UV rays.

With this technique, the print design is applied directly onto the fabric (or other medium) with inks – water-based, non-toxic and resistant to washing – without the use of transfers or heat-sealed film, which can give a certain heavy effect to the touch or when it is worn. A soft and attractive print is achieved, comparable to traditional screen printing, but still able to faithfully reproduce a design, logo or photograph.

The low costs are due to not needing a screen printing frame, and so it is convenient even for short runs, for which we still use the best certified products.

Digital printing is the ideal printing technique for complex graphics and shades, without colour limitations: the print is perfectly integrated into the fabric and remains imperceptible to the touch. The inks are specially designed for the textile sector.

Sublimation printing

A special technique in digital printing is that of high quality sublimation, an indirect printing process performed mainly on materials in polyester, lycra or microfibre, both fixed and continuous. Digital sublimation printing has the advantage of staying clear and unalterable on the fabric over time, preserving its elasticity and softness, and at the same time giving it shine and bright colours.